It is no longer voluntary to pay dues to the Guild. If you like using the guildhall – and who does not? – then it is five gold a week per account, which is 20 gold a month. comtseng

If you cannot or will not pay up and no one else feels like they should cover for you, your rank will be lowered to Grunt and you will lose all privileges.

Remember. it is 3 platinum, 52 gold and 138750 status *every week* for the guild hall. Every week. We can do this. Donations have been generous but the cash must keep flowing!

Your Tyrant,

Welcome to the Twilight Company

This is our Guild site and information center.  It is primarily an Everquest II site and while we will have other pages devoted to other games, Everquest II really needs a site for our people for reference and to use for communication.

Grow Strong. Twink the Minions until they are Man-ions. Grow Rich. Laugh at the Mighty. Help the Newbies. Run from the Noobs.

EQII Server: Crushbone

Guildhall: Gorowyn

IRC channel: Darkmyst.org, #the_twilight_company

Housing improvements: more than one

Soon we will be able to have more than one house!!!  SQUEEEEEEEE

official news is here.

Depositing Status to the Guild hall

Deposit to Guildhall

This is a PDF file! try it out.

there are no words…

remember to spay or neuter your pet!  or … y’know.  ::eyes the one really big ball::

FanFaire Report 2010 – The Adventure Begins

Fan Faire 2010! New things and old favorites around every corner! Bally’s still doesn’t have wifi, scooter rentals are fun and actually very affordable, and people both amiable and annoying abound. Being Thursday, no panels today; just the Community Address and a podcast being recorded. I’ve just gotten back from the Community Address, and hope to post this really quick before running (or riding) off to the podcast. Read the rest of this entry »

Googledocs for Guild Quest Use

TC Epic Progression Doc

TC Concurrent Quest Log

Oh, the Raider and the Lore Fan Should be Friends…

One of the greatest ongoing battles in MMOs, and in EQ2 in particular, is between raiders and lore fans. Most of the game’s large storylines conclude with raids; some are entirely locked behind raid progression (no, I have not forgiven them for Kunark yet). While the raiders are quick to point out anyone can raid (and I’ll grant, to some extend they are right), the simple truth is that a raid environment is not well suited to detailed investigation. It’s fast-paced and goal-oriented, neither comfortable nor welcoming to many who like to enjoy the atmosphere and discover the story. More often than not, lore fans are left out of raiding entirely, waiting to hear the news from those lucky few who are both raiders and lore fans. It gets very frustrating. Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve never been a bard, but…

…sometimes I can’t help myself.

So here’s a song. To Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’.

~It’s about eight o’clock on a Saturday.
The regular crowd’s logging in.
There’s a creepy gnome rogue standing next to me,
but for once he’s not wearing that grin.

He says ‘Bard, can you sing that loot song for us?
Because so far our luck really blows.
We’ve all done the loot dance and are now back in our pants
But we sure could use Mythical clothes.’

So it’s: ~Drop us some loot, you’re a shadowed man,
Please drop us some loot tonight
‘Cause we’re all in the mood for a great upgrade,
And so far all our raids are loot-light.~

Now the raid leader Bob is a friend of mine,
He’s got all the strats and keys
And he’s quick with a parse or to chew out your arse,
But his class breastplate he’ll never see.

He says ‘Bard, this is starting to piss me off;
All the bosses we kill are so cheap.
They all drop such great stuff but don’t do it for us,
They give us junk that we’ll never keep.’

Oh la la la, de de da….la la, de de da…da da….

Now our rogues and our monks still wear mastercraft,
Any caster-drop causes much strife,
And we’re tanking with Donner, who’s still in crap armor
And probably will be for life.

And the healers are crossing their fingers now
As the boss mob goes down like a stone.
Yeah, we’re kinda badass despite all of this,
But please loot-gods, just throw us a bone.

~Drop us some loot, you’re a shadowed man,
Please drop us some loot tonight,
‘Cause we’re all in the mood for a great upgrade
And so far all our raids are loot-light.~

Well it’s a pretty good raid for a saturday,
And the raid leader gives me a smile
Because even if we don’t get upgrades, you see,
We’ve had time-off from life for a while.

And the HO wheel spins like a carnival,
And the nukes and the blades all swing free
And we chatter in Vent even after we’re spent
Because this is where we’d rather be.

~So drop us some loot, you’re a shadowed man,
Oh, drop us some loot tonight
‘Cause we’re all in the mood for a gaming fix,
And raiding makes us feel alright.~

Tseng and Kariah in Odus

Kariah and Tseng explore PaineelKariah and Tseng enjoy a little time in Paineel.  I’m not sure what Kariah ate but i don’t think it agreed with her.

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